for Remote Data Metering & Monitoring Applications

DTU is a series of battery-powered data loggers designed to provide remote resources metering and monitoring.

Devices are available in a wide range of models and equipped with a built-in cellular modem, counting pulse inputs, configurable GPIOs, dual SIM card slots and replaceable battery 3200mAh or 14000mAh.

Device collects consumption data from meters and sensors, stores readings in non-volatile memory and transmits data to dispatching server over GPRS or NB-IoT cellular network.

Application Areas
— AMR/AMI Smart Metering Systems (heat, electricity, water, gas)
— Automated Control Systems (temperature, leakage, pressure, 1-Wire, current loop)
— Power and energy industry
— Remote resources control and monitoring


Series includes the following model lines:

DTU1xx - data loggers in a sealed IP65 plastic case powered by a built-in replaceable 3.6V 3200 mAh battery to provide device autonomous operation from 4 to 10 years.

Model Network Type Antenna/Connector
DTU110 GPRS Internal 2-5.2dB antenna
DTU111 GPRS External 3dB antenna
DTU117 GPRS External SMA(f) connector
DTU120-U NB-IoT Internal 2-5.2dB antenna
DTU121-U NB-IoT External 3dB antenna
DTU127-U NB-IoT External SMA(f) connector

DTU2xx - data loggers in a metal IP30 case with 230 VAC or 7-30 VDC power supply and replaceable 3.6V 3200 mAh battery to provide backup power in the event of external power failure.

Model Network Type Antenna/Connector
DTU217 GPRS External SMA(f) connector
DTU227-U NB-IoT External SMA(f) connector

DTU3xx – data loggers in a sealed IP65 plastic case powered by a built-in replaceable 13Ah or 19Ah battery to provide device operation from 10 years and above.

Model Network Type Antenna/Connector
DTU310 GPRS Internal 698~4000 MHz antenna
DTU311 GPRS External antenna
DTU317 GPRS External SMA(f) connector
DTU320-U NB-IoT Internal 698~4000 MHz antenna
DTU321-U NB-IoT External antenna
DTU327-U NB-IoT External SMA(f) connector


Up to four pulse metering devices can be connected to DTU2xx universal GPIOs (see the scheme), as well as other various sensors — water leakage, temperature, opening sensor, current loop sensors, 1-wire, etc. After switching on the power supply, device immediately starts connecting to the Cloud Software followed by transmitting data to the server.

Further on, data logger would automatically establish connection with the server according to the configured schedule, as well as in case of emergency situations. User shall be provided with access to data 24 hours a day using web interface.


Automated data collection from a wide range of devices:

  • Meters with pulse output, including high-frequency electricity meters and metering devices with NAMUR circuit.

  • Sensors: resistive, 4-20mA, 1-wire etc.

  • Devices with serial RS-232/RS-485 ports to provide data transmission in separate transparent channel over TCP/IP protocol.

GPIO are software configurable and support polling frequency 2Hz/20Hz/100Hz* to provide accurate measurements even at high frequencies.

* for DTU2xx



Data transmission to a free dispatching Cloud Platform

according to the schedule, in emergency events or by pressing the button.

Platform is a good alternative solution to other AMR systems and allows users to monitor in real time data from remote meters and sensors connected to DTU data loggers. All data is transmitted to the server in encrypted form and is available 24/7 via Web interface.

Built-in modem: GPRS or NB-IoT

Devices supporting LTE NB-IoT are designed specifically for Internet of Thing applications, have ultra-low power consumption and can be powered from one easy replaceable battery up to 10 years.

If necessary to increase data transmission speed, data logger with multi-band modem NB-IoT will ensure the transmission at speed up to 150 kbps according to the LTE NB-IoT standard.

Reliability Options:

  • Data storage in non-volatile memory (up to 137 800 entries from 4 meters).

  • 2 x SIM card slots, providing cellular channel reservation and reliable data transfer.

  • Different types of power supply: AC 100~240V and autonomous from internal replaceable 3200mAh or 14000mAh battery. Battery service life ranges from 4 to 10 years depending on cellular connection type: up to 4 years – via GPRS, up to 10 years – via NB-IoT.

  • Various enclosure types suitable for different applications and environmental conditions: robust metal case for DIN rail or wall mounting or plastic IP65 class moisture-proof enclosure for premises with the increased humidity and dust level.


GSM GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900. GPRS class 8/10/auto (up to 12) configurable. Rate (DL/UL): 85,6 kbps
LTE NB-IoT NB-IoT LTE B1/B3/B5/B8/B20/B28 (multiband). NB-IoT Cat NB2. Rate (DL/UL): 125 kbps/150 kbps
Mounting DIN rail, wall, table rubber feet
Operating temperature -40°C…+70°C
Warranty 2 years