Software for integrating ADGT DTU Data Loggers with remote monitoring systems of third-party vendors.


In case your company plans to use DTU data loggers with your own AMR system, you probably know, that our data loggers have a large number of configurable parameters and operate according to our ADGT DTU Transmission Protocol.

It can take quite a long time integrating our devices: you need to add the protocol to your software, test its operation and perform debugging if necessary.

To reduce the risks and costs of integration, as well as save you time, we developed a special Integration Tool – ADGT DTU Data Server.

Software will allow you to quickly and safely deploy your read-out system using DTU data loggers without necessity to integrate our protocol into your system.

  • Receives and processes incoming connections from DTU data loggers
  • Ensures the interaction of AMR software with data loggers
  • Stores all data from data loggers (reading, events, telemetry information) in PostgreSQL database
  • Updates device firmware at user request
  • Allows to remotely change data loggers parameters
  • Supports UDP protocol for NB-IoT devices
  • Reads the archives on request.
  1. DTU Data Server software performs the role of TCP and UDP server and provides connection of remote DTU data loggers over the Internet.
  2. Software collects data from data loggers and stores it in PostgreSQL database.
  3. AMR system/Data processing software sends a request to read data and/or request to change the device settings.
  4. Software reports requested data and/or applies the new settings to data loggers.