First of all, ADGT systems s.r.o. is a team of extremely enthusiastic and high-qualified technical specialists. Tracing our history back to late 2000-s, we started as a small engineering group, working in the field of transmitting devices designing and production.

Our adaptive approach and understanding of our clients’ interests helped company to take and hold its place on the digital market. In response to the changing demands of time, specialized IT unit was also created to supply our devices with proper and easily adaptable software.

Nowadays it is hard to maintain effectiveness, if you miss actual trends in your business. Since our foundation we’ve got a lot of experience, thus it allows us to continue the development and production of electronics and appliances to meet the challenges of energy efficiency and energy savings, as well as creation of smart metering devices and wireless sensor networks.

Our most favored brainchild – online system of dispatching and control, was also developed, driven by growing popularity of “Internet of Things” solutions on the market, and our clients’ growing need for convenient online monitoring programs. By compilating hardware module communication and universal software located on the web server, we offer them multi-purpose modern tools for remote monitoring and controlling devices and equipment of any kind.

In summary, ADGT searches for the most promising solutions in the tense cooperation of science and business, thus allowing to accept and win most complex challenges of digital market.

ADGT systems s.r.o.