If we are speaking about modern solutions in industrial automation, we must admit, that above all, hardware, used for such tasks, should be durable, powerful and reliable, while software should be adaptable and versatile. Meanwhile, both should also be cost-effective – otherwise their usage would be disadvantageous to say the least.

ADGT developers create appliances, that would meet all those demands. As for now, company provides wide range of modems and, notably, industrial routers, designed for that special purpose. Durable aluminum enclosure and operating temperature range of -40 – 70 C allows to deploy them in environment, that would be hazardous and harmful for less resistant devices.

Our brand-new router series, for example, utilize powerful i.MX processors and OpenWRT open-source operating system, making them universal units for solving a wide range of tasks in industrial automation and telemetry. They perform exceptionally well in machine-to-machine solutions area, where fast and secure data transfer via a protected channel is required.

Admittedly, no task can be completed without a proper tool, especially such complex and comprehensive, as is industrial automation. ADGT makes every effort to equip industry with that kind of tool.