Modern concept of automatization implies reliable and cost-effective network as its core. In case of using cellular networks, it may consist of thousands of transmitting devices, that’s why all applied solutions and upgrades also shouldn’t be expensive. Increases in price for such a number of appliances may turn all innovation effects worthless.

In order to ensure quick, precise and easily-operated wireless communication systems performance, Advanced Digital Technologies introduced industrial ADM modem series with built-in microcontroller. Comparing to standard CSD modems our smart devices show their supremacy in almost every aspect.

In terms of application, our modems proved themselves as inexpensive, while highly-reliable and adaptive “universal tools”. Data transmission is performed via GPRS, 3G or NB-IoT channel using TCP/IP protocol, that provides continuous connection. Built-in microcontroller allows configuring and controlling remote devices in addition to execution of basic function – organization of communication channel.

Thanks to our Cloud server for TCP connections, ADM modems and dispatching software can operate in Client mode without assigning static IP addresses, while ADGT-developed interface makes all operations intuitive and user-friendly. Also, our modems have an additional channel for remote configuration and updating.

ADGT modems’ enclosures are made of alumnium, which grants them high durability, while special waterproof version for installation in extra-humid hostile environment also exists. Wide selection of fasteners also assures that this appliance will find its place in any facility!