The most demanded services on the modern digital market involve extensive usage of the “Internet of Things” – or simply IoT – technologies.

Obviously, granting almost every kind of devices the ability to collect and transmit data, changed human life dramatically, enhancing potential of home and industrial automation, transport, security, healthcare, etc. It’s easier to tell in which spheres IoT technologies cannot be used, for there are none!

To connect wide range of devices and services using cellular communications, Narrow-Band Internet of Things (known as NB-IoT) standard was specially developed in 2016. Speaking of its main advantages, low energy consumption, relatively low cost and possibility of simultaneously connecting large number of devices are usually mentioned. Also upgrading the existing communication equipment to support this standard requires only base station software update.

With our intention to conform to the market tendencies, ADGT developers actively work on integrating NB-IoT with our appliances. We have successfully tested and are currently manufacturing Data Loggers, that collect and transfer data from water and gas meters, using aforementioned narrow-band radio communication. Our online control service gathers all data, thus allowing our clients to monitor it continuously, using our web-interface.

According to the last estimates, application of IoT technologies in the nearest future will increase drastically with NB-IoT being the most widespread standard on the market and showing the highest demand.